Concertino Muziekonderwijs (CMO) is the only music school for the Jewish community in the Netherlands. Located in the facility of the Jewish preliminary school Rosj Pina.

CMO already has more than 150 students from ages of 4 to 21 and from every part of the Jewish community in and around Amsterdam.

Enriching Musical, Social, and Community Bonds

At CMO, our focus extends beyond music, nurturing a vibrant community and fostering students’ holistic development with a deep-rooted connection to Jewish traditions in music. Despite our brief existence, we’ve already graced numerous concerts and events, uplifting the Jewish community through our harmonious melodies.

CMO’s commitment shines through voluntary performances at venues like Beth Shalom and Sinai Hospital, as well as participation in charitable events. Our curriculum is a tapestry of Jewish, Israeli, and holiday songs, seamlessly woven into modern technological advancements. Beyond our meticulously crafted program, CMO offers unparalleled value, ensuring you pay only for the valuable lessons you receive.

Aligning our schedule with the Jewish calendar, we guarantee that your musical journey flourishes uninterrupted by holidays, solidifying CMO as your dedicated partner in education and culture.

Why Choose Music Education?

Music is a cornerstone of comprehensive education, enriching students’ horizons and fostering cognitive and creative growth.

Through music education, students cultivate discipline, openness, effective communication, enhanced focus, creativity, and the capacity to work toward both immediate and long-term objectives. This dynamic learning experience also hones concentration, dedicated effort, and adept practice techniques.

Moreover, engaging in musical performances nurtures students’ resilience under pressure, empowers them to confidently face audiences, and cultivates self-assuredness in public settings. The collaborative nature of group and ensemble playing further nurtures active listening, effective communication, and refined social skills, offering well-rounded development.

The lessons we are offering:

Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Piano/Keyboards, Recorder, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocal, Music-Technology, Accordion, Ensembles & Orchestras.

To conclude, why Concertino Muziekonderwijs?

At Concertino Muziekonderwijs, we stand out for a multitude of reasons. Our esteemed music departments are led by dedicated professionals and experienced educators, ensuring a high level of instruction.

We prioritize continuity for our students by adhering to the Jewish calendar, guaranteeing that lessons align with holidays and vacations.
By cultivating a familiar environment, students not only form meaningful connections but also forge musical bonds, further enriched by collaborations with Jewish/Israeli organizations. We seamlessly integrate Jewish traditions, holiday melodies, and Israeli folk songs into our curriculum, while our ensembles, orchestras, and frequent concert evenings foster a holistic musical growth that extends beyond individual lessons.”

Our extensive collaborations with various Jewish/Israeli organizations enhance our students’ musical journey, as we intertwine the art of music with the fabric of community activities, ceremonies, performances, and special occasions.


Meet Our Exceptional Team

At Concertino, our team is a collective of distinguished professionals who are not only highly skilled educators but also active contributors to the musical world. We proudly collaborate with teachers who are deeply engaged in performing, composing, and producing music at the pinnacle of artistic excellence.

Each member of our faculty is a product of the Netherlands’ most prestigious music institutions, possessing rich and diverse musical backgrounds. With a wealth of experience, our teachers have honed their craft through years of dedicated instruction.

This fusion of top-tier education and practical expertise ensures that our students receive unparalleled guidance and mentorship, fostering a nurturing environment for musical growth.


Yaniv Nachum:

Yaniv’s musical journey is marked by remarkable achievements. Serving in the IDF orchestra, he earned teaching and conducting diplomas from the Israeli Music Academy, clinched the prestigious America-Israel Foundation prize, and was honored with the Israeli Artist Organization (EMI) award.

Yaniv’s collaboration with distinguished ensembles like the Metropole Orchestra and the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw attests to his musical prowess. His extensive experience has led him to his current roles: senior teacher and lecturer at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, imparting wisdom in composition and improvised music while steering the masters and research departments.

A visionary in online learning, Yaniv is also a respected educational program designer, leaving an indelible mark on conservatories and artistic institutes worldwide.

Roi Shabbat:

Roi’s musical odyssey is underscored by his Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Rimon School for Contemporary Music education. As the creative force behind the Or Le Israel band, the Bne Akiwa band, and the Shir Balev choir, Roi’s compositions and arrangements reverberate with passion and innovation.

Roi’s influence extends to Israel, where he guided aspiring talents at renowned conservatories such as R’aanana, Even Yehuda, Netanya, and Kdumim. His dedication to music education is reflected in his active engagement within the Netherlands’ music schools, including the Naarden-Bussum Muziekschool and the Rosj Pina basis school.

Together, Yaniv and Roi epitomize Concertino’s commitment to excellence, shaping the next generation of musicians with their profound expertise and unwavering passion.”



Concertino Muziekonderwijs (located at Rosh Pina building)
Nieuwe Herlaer 18-20
1083 BD Amsterdam
KvK 50859676


Vacation schedule 2024/2025

Schooljaar 2024-2025   Data
Eerste lesweek (ma) 2 september 2024
Rosh Hashana (do) 3 en (vr) 4 oktober 2024
Jom Kipoer (za) 12 oktober 2024
Soekotvakantie (do) 16 t/m (vr) 25 oktober 2024
Wintervakantie (ma) 23 december 2024 t/m (vr) 3 jan 2025
Voorjaarsvakantie (ma) 17 februari t/m (vr) 21 februari 2025
Pesachvakantie (ma) 14 april t/m (zo) 20 april
Koningsdag (za) 26 april 2025
Bevrijdingsdag (ma) 5 mei 2025
Hemelvaartsdag (do) 29 mei 2025
Sjavoeót (ma) 2 juni en (di) 3 juni 2025
Pinksteren (zo) 8 juni en (ma) 9 juni 2025
Zomervakantie (ma) 7 juli


Number of lessons 2024/2025

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Sep 2 3 3 2
Oct 4 4 3 3
Nov 4 4 4 4
Dec 3 3 3 3
Jan 4 4 4 3
Feb 3 3 3 4
Mar 4 4 4 4
Apr 2 3 3 3
May 3 4 4 4
June 4 3 3 3
July 2 2 2 2